Product Demonstrators

Our product demonstrators have tonnes of experience working with brands and retailers both big and small, in industries from food and drink to technology to banking. We think of great product demonstration as an art, and our product demonstrators are well-versed in it. They’re experts at engaging with customers and showing off your products in a way that leaves a lasting impression. They’ll demonstrate and explain your products’ features and benefits clearly and articulately, so your target audience sees them at their best. Our product demonstrators aren’t just pretty faces. They’ve got the confidence, talent and enthusiasm to promote your products in the most impactful way possible, and the personality to be the very best ambassadors for your brand.


Brand ambassadors at British Summertime Festival

Driving sales and boosting brand image

Encouraging your target audience to interact with your products is a brilliant way to boost your sales, build the visibility of your brand over your competitors, influence future buying decisions and improve brand perception. In-store demonstrations bring products out from cabinets and off shelves and put them directly in the hands of potential customers. They’re an incredibly effective way of putting your brand in the public eye, and an extremely successful sales tool.

BA for Bimba Y Lola

Skilful and talented product demonstrators

But for that to work, you need product demonstrators who know how to show off your products at their best - enter Team eyeCandy! Our fabulous product demonstrators are trained to make sure they have the exact knowledge they need to engage effectively with your audience. We know how important it is that the people representing your products align with your brand’s values, so we brief all of our staff carefully to make sure they understand exactly how to promote your product and communicate with your target audience in the right way.

Promo girl helps consumer

A huge range of experience

Product demonstrations really are a great way to drive sales and increase brand visibility. Our talented and experienced product demonstrators tick all the boxes when it comes to engaging customers, making memorable, personal experience’s and helping brands and retailers, in all sorts of industries, convert successful demonstrations into sales.

Helping you connect with your audience

Need superstar product demonstrators for your next campaign? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you boost your brand image, connect with your audience and convert leads into sales.

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