Tin can telephoneBrands today are striving further than ever before to build relationships with their consumers. They’re thinking of relative ways – such as field marketing – to reach their target audience and increase sales. However, with so many companies exploring this avenue, it’s down to the promotion experts of this world to make sure we’re shouting the loudest, sometimes literally, depending on the job brief.

Statistics from Ambassador demonstrate that 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing habits, so it seems that field marketing might be the favourite accessory every brand should boast.

So, how do you use such marketing to your advantage?

That’s where a Brand Ambassador comes in. They help kick start the word-of-mouth process by providing you with all the ingredients you need for a successful experiential campaign.

There’s a preconceived notion that Brand Ambassador’s stand in the street handing out leaflets or asking for information whilst being fiercely avoided by the public. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A great Brand Ambassador brings their experience to each activity, transforming it from a flat pancake to an impressively fluffy 3-tiered Victoria Sponge … with extra jam.

With results of an Alterian survey highlighting that many companies feel their brand is at risk due to a lack of consumer engagement and with another showing that 50% of people recommend a brand due to good service, it seems self-explanatory that field marketing could be one of the best catalysts to put your brand securely in the friend zone. Not only is it a fabulous opportunity to have your brand meet its consumers first hand, it’s also a key opportunity to give them great service from very consumer orientated staff.

By having a great promotional team out in the field sowing seeds about you and your fantastic products, your brand is automatically portrayed as personable, which makes consumers feel appreciated. It’s ultimately down to the Brand Ambassador or promotional staff you have working on your behalf. They’re the connection between the consumer and the brand, conveying your products as valuable and essential. After all, who can honestly say they have enough keyrings, USB drives or pens?

So, what does it take to be an effective Brand Ambassador?

– Super interactive – promotional staff need to assert welcoming, positive body language, be confident in their interaction with the public and use their surroundings to their advantage.

– Properly prepared – your company’s chosen agency needs to be well equipped. They need to understand the brand and its message in order to provide the best Ambassador for the event. Additionally, the staff need to be engaged in any training provided and able to efficiently absorb a brief before they get to the activity.

– Overly organised – they need to know the promotion. Reading the briefs/manuals/attached materials before attending the job is a sure fire way to squeeze every last drop out of a campaign.

– Extremely emotive – that’s Eye Candy’s unique selling point. We love to be personable and approachable. Promotional staff need to embody this in order to humanise the product in hand.

– Friendly attitude – we love Friendly Freddie’s here at Eye Candy. Field marketing is all about building relationships so promotional staff need to treat their target audience like their new BFF.

– Confidence – This is pretty self-explanatory, if a BA isn’t confident in what they’re promoting, why would the consumer be?

The bottom line is, all companies want to win over new consumers and keep the old ones, right? The way to do that these days isn’t just about the merchandising and fancy shelving. It’s about assisted selling and turning curiosity and general interest into purchase and the fact is, being personable increases the chance of this happening. Consumers connect with brands that are relatable and by empathising and talking directly to their target audience, it’s the promotional staff that make this connection happen.

We’ve got the checklist down to a tee, so why not let Eye Candy help you conduct the best campaign your brand has had yet? We have a whole host of staff on our bulging books from Brand Ambassadors to Costume Characters, Models to Dancers and Actors to Makeup Artists.

Have a wander over to our new website to see what we get up to, it’s pretty amazing actually.

Natasha Calder

Account Executive at Eye Candy – Provider of promotional staff, brand ambassadors, models and other fine events and marketing related stuff.

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