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Sampling staff
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Experiential campaigns
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We prefer to show rather than tell, but here’s a little bit about team eyeCandy…

We’re eyeCandy. We supply promotional staff and brand ambassadors. We’re a seventeen years young agency that provides wonderful smiling people for brand campaigns, experiential activities, retail stores, PR stunts, photo calls, sampling campaigns and TV, to name but a few. Over the years we’ve built a team of reliable promo staff that have been trusted by global brands, festival organisers, PR agencies & national retailers.

A scan across the internet of promo staff agencies will draw out a string of superlatives. Well, we don’t claim to be the biggest, the best, the cheapest, to have the most promotional staff on our roster and so on. We just promise to look after you, make sure we’re all over your campaign and take the pressure off of you, whilst making sure you’re kept all safe and warm in the nest by mother eyeCandy.

We have a completely bespoke suite of secure digital systems that make sure our client servicing and logistics are always top notch. That way you always know what is going on whilst we service your needs and can be comfortable that we’ll deliver out on the ground.

You can find eyeCandy Towers in London & Manchester, with both bases providing reliable and engaging people for campaigns across the whole of the UK & Europe.

Whether you need some brand savvy ambassadors for your experiential marketing campaign, a set of character actors, a sampling team or a group of glamorous hosts for your corporate event. Just ask, saying no is just not our style.

‘People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel‘.

Love from the eyeCandy team.

Here’s some FAQs about our promotional staffing services.

Have a question to ask that’s not here? No problem,  just give us a quick call or send an email, we’ll be happy to provide a speedy reply.

Do you work in Scotland and Ireland?
Yes, we do. It’s an everyday occurrence for us. We also provide promotional staff in Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff, Birmingham, Derby, Brighton, in fact.. name a town or city in the UK and the likelihood is we’ll have our ambassadors and promotional models out there.
Can we see who we will get?
Absolutely, all our staff have biogs, Z cards and photos. We’ll propose a team to you and of course let you have the final say on who gets used, so you’re comfortable that they are the perfect fit.
What other people do you have?
We provide many speciality acts including dancers, street entertainers and performers. Have look over here.
Can you provide people to oversee activities?
Yes, we have a team of handpicked experienced event managers and team leaders who can lead your activity.
What happens if something doesn't go to plan?

We deal with humans, lots of them. Lovely as 99.99% of the team are, occasionally there’s the odd little hiccup. We don’t go for excuses, we communicate and our account managers will get a solution sorted out ASAP.

Can you do super-fast turnaround
Yes, of course, we’ll do our very very best to provide you with the right people no matter how short the timeline. If time’s pressing then give us a shout, we’ll jump straight to it.
How do you guarantee quality?

A staffing agency isn’t just about collecting a huge list of names, emailing them about jobs and putting them on the activity on a first come, first served basis. We have a tough application form (20 pages), a tough interview/audition process and very thorough training. We pay more than any other agency we know of, that makes sure all the team are keen, loyal and ready to do a fabulous job.

We require feedback after the event, can you do this?
Sure, we use our unique online feedback system which we can tailor to meet you feedback requirements.
Can you be discreet?
We work under the radar for a number of clients that need discretion, especially for high net worth and VIP events. Need us to sign a confidentiality agreement? Not a problem at all.
What about logistics?
No problem. We have people who are great at strategic planning, tour scheduling, storage and distribution. They can sort transport and vehicles with their eyes shut, or if you need accommodation, venue sourcing or collateral and branding design and production, it’s just a quick call or email away. Don’t forget health and safety - we’ve got an expert with a hi-viz jacket who’s brilliant at waving clipboards.
Can you provide costs for other event aspects?
Yes, we can source all of the requirements for your event including design and printing of branding, uniforms and much more.
How do you recruit & brief your staff members?
We source highly experienced staff members with a proven track record in their field of work with superb communication skills and a true passion for people.

Face to face staff interviews and briefing days are a key part of our successful recruitment and booking process.

We provide in depth training prior to each activity ensuring every staff member has full product and brand knowledge.

If you’re reading this and would like to join Team eyeCandy, head over to here.

I'm looking to join eyeCandy, how do I do that?
We need you to fill in a form first (yes, we’re sorry about that). Head over to our registration page here, Then we’ll be in touch to arrange the next part of the selection process.

Keen to get talking?