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Step 1:

Read all the info on this page below.
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Step 2


Gather your National Insurance number, address/post code, photos, measurements & bank details.

(We need your bank details and National Insurance number so that we can pay you if you get through the full selection process)

Step 3


Go to our application page and do a great job filling it in

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Step 4

Please don’t call or email (we’ll give you a shout as soon as we’ve looked at your initial application), ta!

Ok... Let me apply

Well hello…
Good news, the eyeCandy books are currently open. If you’re blessed with a wonderful personality, smart brains and can engage with a stranger easier than a dog chews a bone, then you might just be the type for one of our promotional staff jobs at eyeCandy.

We’re on the lookout for brand ambassadors, promotional models, promo staff, hospitality & VIP hosts, event managers, team leaders & character actors, amongst others. It doesn’t matter where you live, we’re always looking for fantastic new people from across the UK.

Just one sec… before you go to pick up the phone, we need you to head to our application area (use the area and arrows above to go through the steps). If all that works out well, we’ll be straight on the blower for a chat and maybe to invite you to an audition. Good luck!

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